Inqueery’s Chad Thompson is available to make presentations at school assemblies, diversity days, freshmen orientations, or teacher in-service meetings. If your school has had a homosexual group such as GLSEN, GLAAD, or PFLAG give a presentation on homosexual issues, or facilitate a sex education program, ask your school’s principal to allow Inqueery equal time at your school to present the ex-gay perspective. Chad is also available to speak to churches and community groups, and to represent the ex-gay viewpoint in public forums and debates surrounding the issue of homosexuality. Chad may be contacted via e-mail:

Is homosexuality a choice? Some theories on sexual development claim that homosexuality is developed after birth as a result of a person’s environment. Others have said it’s genetic and can be traced to a specific gene. Whatever the case, nobody initially chooses to be homosexual, although many are now changing their sexual attractions through various ex-gay ministries and counseling programs. Human sexuality is extremely complex and there is more misinformation floating around about this than any other subject known to man. Often, it is this misinformation that leads to the prejudice and ridicule of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered) and ex-gay students in the classroom setting. Chad’s seminar examines common myths about homosexuality, the importance of objectivity when talking about sexual issues, and provides a primer on scientific references to homosexuality and sexuality in general.

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