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Recently a representative from the Christian Educators Association (CEAI) met with Kevin Jennings of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). They crafted a Framework which seeks to set ground rules for the manner of discourse between the two sides. The document has come under fire from conservative groups who don't think Christians should be dialoguing with gay advocacy groups. Dr. Warren Throckmorton and myself have written an Article for to defend the actions of the CEAI, and also to affirm principles of free speech and delineate how we believe the ex-gay viewpoint should be advocated in the public schools.

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What are your children being taught about homosexuality at school?

    Are your children being given all the facts about homosexuality?

                      Do you feel helpless?

Today, more than 2,000 schools have groups that offer those who have embraced their homosexuality a place to be understood and accepted, but many of these school based groups are hostile to the idea that many young people who experience same-sex attractions are choosing not to identify as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, or trans-gendered. Many students who seek help from a school teacher or counselor are instantly referred to their community’s gay and lesbian resource center, or to their schools gay/straight alliance (GSA). These groups sometimes encourage students to identify themselves as homosexual, neglecting to offer students the ex-gay perspective.

At Inqueery, we believe students who approach a teacher or school counselor with questions about their sexuality should be given information from both sides of the debate regarding homosexual orientation and development. They should hear the gay and the ex-gay viewpoints.

Furthermore, we believe that high school sex education courses and textbooks should include the ex-gay viewpoint as well.

Inqueery can provide objective resources, personal testimonies from ex-gay people, and academic presentations for K-12 public school students and on college campuses. We also make presentations for churches and community groups who would like more information on addressing homosexuality and ex-gay issues in school.

If your school has had a homosexual group such as GLSEN, GLAAD, or PFLAG give a presentation on homosexual issues, ask your school’s principal to allow Inqueery equal time at your school to present the ex-gay perspective.

Inqueery’s founder, Chad Thompson, presents extensively researched, unbiased information on the nature of homosexuality, ex-gay issues, and the potential that all people have to change from homosexual to heterosexual.

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